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Custom cache

This page contains design of future improvements to caching. Only basic syntax works in current releases.

Current syntax is:

 phptal:cache="<time> per url"


 phptal:cache="<time> per <expresssion>"

Where <time> is 1m, 1h, 1d, etc.


You can easily cache per URL and another variable (this requires definition of temporary variable and/or getting current URL passed to the template).

It could be solved by using

  phptal:cache="<time>;? per <url|expresssion> [; per <url|expression>]* "


  phptal:cache="1h; per url; per user/id"

Desired features

PHPTAL needs cache "plugins" to be able to use APC, memcached and other caching mechanisms.

What should be interface of this class?

What information plugins need? Should they parse phptal:cache expression or only parsed and processed data?