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Advanced TALES syntax

TALES can't handle few cases that happen often and seem quite reasonable to do in templates.

It can't compare values:

  <option tal:repeat="opt options" tal:attributes="selected php:opt == selected_option"/>
  <title tal:condition="php:count(allimages)==1">Photo</title>
  <title tal:condition="php:count(allimages) GT 1">${php:count(allimages)} photos</title>

It doesn't have logic expressions:

  <div tal:condition="php:canShowFoo AND foo.isAvailable()">

It can't compute values conditionally:

  <tr tal:repeat="row rows" tal:attributes="class php:repeat.row.odd ? 'odd' : 'even'"/>

It can't pass arguments to functions:

  <h1 tal:content="php:substr(header, 0,100)"/>
  <div tal:content="structure php:getAdvert(PAGE_TOP)">

Proposed syntax